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There is so little time each day to simply have fun and play, but we all need to have a little fun and escape from the chaos and hum drum of everyday life. What better way to have a little fun with friends, family or some maniacs you just met than by playing games? A fast paced game can be a fun, quick way to retreat to another place, be a character that you would never be in real life or just beat the socks of someone in an hour or less. Pinché Games brings you games that allow you to do just that.  Relax, release some stress, use your imagination, go to the future, shoot something and above all else just have fun doing it.

Pinché Games began with real world scenario role-playing. There is no hand holding magic saving friendships in our games. We think magic is cool but weapons are cooler. In our flagship game THE Organization we brought player characters into a world of power, intrigue, sex, guns and tequila. If the players wanted to be friends with the people in those worlds then they were welcome to it but if they wanted to stab them in the back, while trying to get ahead then we encouraged that because we were expecting it anyway. We always advise everyone to be sure to watch their back once they were inside the world of THE Organization because they are liable to run into all kinds of mayhem and insanity and possibly lose a limb or two while in there. In this gritty world of espionage and intrigue we use a simple roll under gaming system using three six sided dice, which comes from another side of gaming that we enjoy. At Pinché Games we enjoy fast paced, no nonsense gaming. With that in mind we have begun to branch out in order to create new games that fit into everyone’s very busy every day lives.

Pinché Games now brings you our flagship role playing game THE Organization, a chess game where you use six sided dice for pieces called Pinchess, a dice pool game called Shootout, a group who-done-it game called Double Agent, some short scenario multi-genre role-playing games that we call Pinché Minis, a card game where you download apps directly into your brain called App’d and a family oriented card/role playing game called Roaches. Please be sure to check out our game pages in order to view the details on all of these games.