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About Us

Pinche Games first role playing game THE Organization started as an idea between two friends who watched too many movies and played too many games in high school. The two boys created a role playing game that borrowed lines and themes from all of the movies they watched and games they played. As they played the game with their friends over the years the game changed and evolved into what it is today. THE Organization is a game that took ten years of playing and changing to get where it is today, but with that experience the two boys, who are now men have been able to create other games and they continue to create games that will be unlike those already out on the market.

We at Pinche Games will be bringing you some new and innovative titles for your gaming enjoyment. We have one RPG that is completed, a card game that we just finished, and even a drinking game that is currently undergoing additional play testing. We look forward to bringing a new face and a new attitude for your gaming enjoyment with games that provide a playing environment for those who might not normally play. We may create games that shock you but we will also create games that will entertain you. So join us in game play and keep your eyes open for what we have in store for the future.

View on RPGs

At Pinche Games we feel that there has been a vast array of imaginative creators who have paved the way for the rest of us to be able to create worlds, civilizations, story lines and rules to govern it all. We want to take the opportunity given to us, to make a game that is entertaining and thought provoking and subtly chaotic enough to be interesting.

We feel that games are a great way to have the chance to fight assassins and ninjas, smuggle things in mean little monkeys, blow everything up, stab your fellow man in the back and then sleep with his hot girlfriend and still make it in time for happy hour. The best part of a role playing game is being creative, playing the role of that persona you have created and then thinking of things you would not normally try. With that in mind you can try every crazy thing you could ever come up with and as long as the GM let’s you go for it, and you can roll what is needed then the sky is the limit.