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THE Organization

Now available in softcover.

Price: $29.95

A Role-Playing game of low tech espionage and high cinematic action.

Join THE Organization in its battle against terrorism across the globe. From covert meetings in Prague, to undersea combat in the South Pacific, to assassinations here in the US of A, you’ll do it all. It’s tightrope intrigue and gritty combat in the two-fisted-bullet-riddled bombastic world of THE Organization!


THE System

The Game Master will be known as the “Mission Admin” and he/she will be responsible for creating and narrating missions in which agents will attempt to further the cause of THE Organization or of C.A.L. During these missions agents will have to use the gaming system to see if they have been successful in their attempts.

The Gaming system is a simple one. No percentages, no 20 sided dice. It only requires three 6-sided dice (3d6). That is all.

Each time an agent wants to accomplish a task they must advise the “Mission Admin” of what they want to do. He/She will then tell the agent if this is possible and which skill will be required to accomplish said task. Now roll (3d6), and total them up. This total must be less than the Basic Attribute needed plus the level of the skill used. For example, Agent Bob is climbing a rock face. Bob has a STR of 9 and a climbing skill at level 1. (9+1=10) The player must roll a 10 or less with (3d6), in order to climb the rock face for a successful skill check. If the player rolls higher than a 10, this is a failed skill check.

However, it is not necessary to have the skill needed to try to accomplish a task. If for example, agent Bob wants to track someone but he does not have the tracking skill he can still attempt to do so, but now he is at a disadvantage because he has never learned the necessary skill. Bob has

an intelligence of 8, no skill level and he is at a disadvantage of at least a -2 (disadvantage rated by “Mission Admin”), so he must roll a 6 or less with (3d6).

The idea of the game is not to concern yourself with do I have the skill to attempt what I am considering, will my dice roll right for me tonight, or will the Mission Admin tell me I can't climb the mountain in my underwear. The point is to go into the game and try to complete your mission at all cost, if your first idea is shot down, or your roll makes you unsuccessful at what you are trying to accomplish then consider another course of action, or if you are really stubborn keep plodding away at your current course of action until you succeed or die trying.